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Support the Decrepit

- those in crisis,

- the lonely,

- the deserted.

Phase III


Vision: Have a look at the general hospital out-patients ward and see a room crowded with fearful, lonely and in many cases, deserted elderly. You'll also find disabled people in wheel chairs. We care for them and visualise a system of support inside the hospital and in daily life.
Mission: To establish such a framework of support as a love and care service.
Strategic Goals:
  1. The bringing together of a team of enthusiastic people who are capable and called to render a love service.
  2. Draw up an action plan looking at possible services. (inside hospital)
    • Subsidised Taxi service
    • Personal services like hair care, eye care and personal hygiene.
    • Assist hospital in providing a refreshment service eg. coffee, tea and cool drink etc.
    • Television broadcasting and music through a central P.A. system will enlighten the long disconsolate, dreary hours.
    • Room service for those who are bed ridden eg. reading of books, music, TV programmes.
  3. Sport club for those that are still going strong.
  4. Music/social club for entertainment of those who still enjoy social life.
  5. Touring programmes, extra mural activities, hobbies etc.
  6. Funeral planning, policy and death assistance.
  7. Mobile meal service.
  8. Legal aid on planning of testament.
  9. Medical assistance.

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